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TSDS 313 Warriors Woes and The Inseason Tournament

TSDS 312 Exploring Objectification, Capitalism, and Sensitivity in Society

TSDS 311 Exploring the Impact of Toxicity on Personal Growth

TSDS 310 Surviving in the Wild

TSDS 309 If I got sunglasses on at night, please believe...

TSDS 308 Staying in the Mid-30s Pocket

TSDS 307 Exploring the Intensity of Professional Sports

TSDS 306 A Discussion on Coaching and Player Development

TSDS 305 The Entertaining World of Wrestling and the NFL

TSDS 304 Predictions and Proclamations: Being Ahead of the Curve

TSDS 303 its all basketball

TSDS 302 Exploring the Impact of Celebrities on Society

TSDS 301 its pumpkin season

TSDS 299 "But anyway, let's change the conversation."

TSDS 298 Who are the dogs?

TSDS 300 The Journey of Two Regular Guys in Podcasting

TSDS 297 "She's bigger than the sport."

TSDS 296 Bucks, Celtics, and NBA media day

TSDS 295 Controlling the Narrative and the Importance of Numbers

TSDS 294 Selling and Being Sold: Navigating the World of Advertising

TSDS 293 Summer vs. Winter: When Do Social Issues Really Matter?

TSDS 292 Generational Gaps in Knowledge

Tsds 291 The Best Art Comes from the Worst Times

Tsds 290 The Prime influence

TSDS 289 Very High Review: Flash

TSDS 288 Random Topics and Sports Pivots

TSDS 287 Contemplative Conversations

TSDS 286 The Chaos of Earth

TSDS 285 Giving Young Talent a Chance

TSDS 284 Game Pass and the Future of Gaming

Tsds 283 nothing is off-limits

TSDS 282 Honest Conversations

Tsds 281 TikTok and the Weird pockets of the world

Tsds 280 the power of professional leadership

TSDS 279 Winging It for Four Years: The Straight Dope Show

Tsds 278 Lazy or Smart? The Art of Preserving Your Body

Tsds 277 The Search for Greatness in a Hard-Not World

Tsds 276 they better not

Tsds 275 spirits

Tsds 274 we gone see

Tsds 273 Pimped

TSDS 272 The boogeyman

TSDS 271 consequences

TSDS 270 End of the Dubs

TSDS 269 raspberry chocolate

TSDS 268 be helpful

TSDS 267 we off that

TSDS 266 apologize

TSDS 265 playoff talk

TSDS 264 Dubs break down Live

TSDS 262 Pivotal

TSDS 261 Bupkis it’s not

TSDS 260 Not mad just disappointed

Tsds 259 yall not him

Tsds 258 Follow the rules

tsds 257 more playoff talk

Tsds 256 light the beam

Tsds 255 Entertainment

Tsds 254 Nba playoffs

Tsds 253 That was fun

Tsds 252 womans basketball

Tsds 251 dont matter

Tsds 250 not impressed

Tsds 249 the third time

Tsds 248 moneyball

Tsds 247 remakes and sequels

tsds 246 a box

tsds 245 manage your star player

tsds 245 manage your star player

tsds 244 looking west

tsds 243 star wars

Tsds 242 safe space

TSDS 241 boondocks

TSDS super bowl LVII recap

TSDS 240 competitive

Tsds 239 respect your opponent

Tsds 238 satellite

Tsds 237 passion

Tsds 236 moments

Tsds 235 the last of us pt 2

Tsds 234 the last of us

TSDS 233 pretty

TSDS 232 new year same energy

tsds 231 since pre pandimic

tsds 226 228 clip

tsds 227 228

Tsds 222 and 223 clip show

tsds 223 225 clips

tsds 222 clip show

TSDS 220 clip show

Tsds 226 ima fan of south side


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